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Becky Wood

Becky Wood, Development Coordinator/ Mom of a Senior/ Mom of 2 International Students

Three years ago our family decided to become a host family for international Chinese students coming to live and study in America. My husband and I have talked about hosting a student from another country over the years, so our hearts were open to the idea when New Oasis International Education started a partnership with Calvary Day School. We were one of three families to commit to hosting a Chinese student that first year and we’re so glad we did. Torres Zhang joined our family two years ago and Daniel Lyu joined us last year. This is our third year as host parents and we plan to continue our journey with Torres and Daniel until they graduate from Calvary in 2019.
We are so blessed with the opportunity to host these two fine young men and grateful to Calvary Day School for providing us with this opportunity. Our whole family, including our two sons Jackson and Davis, have benefited from getting to know Torres and Daniel. We have had our perceptions about China and its people changed after living with them and discussing their families, culture and way of life. I have come to appreciate this ancient civilization through the eyes of people who actually live there and can tell us about their country first hand. Hosting them is an enlightening experience, not just for me, but for our sons as well, as they start their future in our ever changing world that becomes more global.
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