Patterson Tompkins
Patterson Tompkins, Class of 2016, CDS Lifer (3 year old preschool - 12th grade)
My experience at Calvary was significant in establishing who I am. The three spheres of formation I’m most aware of today are academic, social, and artistic.

I now attend an incredible college that is growing me artistically, professionally, spiritually, and intellectually, and it opens countless doors for me. This institution is also academically rigorous, and many of my peers aren’t able to stay here because they aren’t up for the challenge. Because of my education at Calvary, not only can I survive the academics at a top-notch school, but I’m able to enjoy the learning experience because it builds on what I’ve already learned at Calvary. Also, my social sphere at Calvary taught me what true friendship is. I cannot speak for everyone, but my experience with friends was fun and formative. I have an understanding of what my friendships in college should look like because of the friendships I made at Calvary. Finally, I’m thankful for Calvary because I learned about the arts in the context of a Christian worldview. My understanding of the arts comes from the perspective that they are more than mere entertainment and more than platforms of selfish self-expression. Art doesn’t have to say Jesus’ name to point to Him, and we miss out on the experience if we don’t see how He is tied to what we are creating
Mary Jane Morgan, Lower School Principal
I was part of a church family since birth. I attended church regularly, including Sunday School and Youth Group, until high school when we moved to Winston Salem. During my sophomore year at Elon College, I began attending Intervarsity events and went on a beach retreat in early October. God chose that weekend to draw my heart to Him. I knew in an instant that I wanted a relationship with Jesus and that I had needed Him for a long time. I was overwhelmed by His undeserving grace and mercy. I met my husband a few months later and we were married shortly after I graduated.

Jim has worked for Wells Fargo for the last 15 years as a systems analyst and currently enjoys working from home. We have two almost-grown children. TJ is 22 and works at Camp Hanes in King, NC where he is fulfilling his dream to impact kids’ lives and lead them to a personal relationship with Christ. Julia is a junior at Appalachian State where she is majoring in Art Education and one day hopes to teach high school students. TJ and Julia both graduated from Carmel Christian School in Matthews.

God called me to the teaching profession at a very young age. Since that time, I have been fulfilling His calling on my life in various ways. I have taught second and third grades in both public schools and Christian schools. I also spent several years working with preschool-aged children. During my years as an administrator, I have served as an elementary principal and as a head of school. This will be my twentieth year in education and my thirteenth year serving as an administrator.

In 2015, I served on the accreditation team for Calvary Day School. Ever since, I have felt drawn to the school. The environment, teachers, curriculum, facility, and the quality of the Calvary Day graduates impress me. I am excited to work with other believers to further the kingdom by teaching young hearts to love the Lord and to serve Him in all that they do.
van wade
Van Wade, Upper School Principal
I grew up in a Christian home in Charlotte. During my fourth grade year, we began attending a church/school where I heard the gospel and saw it lived out in the life of my teachers. It was there, in the fifth grade, through the influence of my teacher, and the Holy Spirit’s conviction, that I prayed for the forgiveness of my sin and asked Jesus Christ to lead my life.

Christian education gave me a firm foundation on which to stand. For the past 32 years, the Lord has used me to lead schools in the discipleship of students and academic excellence. The Lord clearly called me to Calvary Day School in order to support Richard Hardee and the vision for the school. I have known Mr. Hardee and Mrs. Morgan, the new Lower School Principal, for many years. Along with the present administration and faculty, the Lord has great things planned for Calvary in the coming years.

My vision for the upper school is to build on the great legacy of Calvary Day School and bring my relational skill set into the thriving culture that already exists.

My wife, Cathy, and I have been married for 26 years. She will continue to work for Wells Fargo now in Winston-Salem. We have a son, Greyson, who recently graduated from Anderson University with a degree in musical theater. He is currently acting in Big Fork, Montana.

I praise God for His grace and mercy. Cathy and I are blessed to be here.

J. Van Wade
Upper School Principal
Becky Wood, Admissions Director/International Students Host Mom
More than five years ago, our family decided to become a host family for international Chinese students coming to live and study in America. My husband and I have talked about hosting a student from another country over the years, so our hearts were open to the idea when New Oasis International Education started a partnership with Calvary Day School. We were one of three families to commit to hosting a Chinese student that first year and we’re so glad we did. Torres Zhang and Daniel Lyu, both 2019 CDS graduates finished their years at Calvary with us.  

We were so blessed with the opportunity to host these two fine young men and grateful to Calvary Day School for providing us with this opportunity. Our whole family, including our two sons Jackson and Davis, benefited from getting to know Torres and Daniel. We had our perceptions about China and its people changed after living with them and discussing their families, culture and way of life. I have come to appreciate this ancient civilization through the eyes of people who actually live there and can tell us about their country first hand. Hosting them was an enlightening experience, not just for me, but for our sons as well, as they start their future in our ever changing world that becomes more global.

During their time with us, I had the great honor of representing host families and Calvary Day School at the student orientation in Beijing, China. What a fantastic opportunity to interact with Torres and Daniel in their own country. It was fascinating to meet their parents, make dumplings at Daniel’s house, and experience life for two weeks in one of the biggest cities in the world. I will cherish the memories I made with them and will always appreciate the hospitality that was shown to me by their parents.

Before hosting, our family was the typical American family living and working like most of us do. But after adding our two Chinese sons, our lives seem just a little different for the better. I have friends who live half a world away, have added foods like ginger and sesame paste to our pantry, and formed a new appreciation for the people and culture of China. Calvary Day School gave us this opportunity and the impact it has had on our family will last a lifetime.
Ethan Harris, CDS Student, Class of '17
I came to Calvary at the start of my sixth grade year and have been here ever since. I appreciate the challenge that my teachers have given me to reach my potential whether it is in the classroom, in the pool, or on the stage. This guidance has created a drive in me and taught me the work ethic it takes to be successful as evidenced by my earning my Eagle Scout, being named captain of our Varsity Swim Team at CDS, and the various lead roles in our plays and praise band.

Calvary has provided a perfect environment to create lasting relationships. I have always enjoyed the trips we take as a class where we are able to get a hands on learning experience and bond as a class. Spending time with my classmates in these settings showed me what it is like to work together and the importance of the friendships I have made. Our class trips to Florida, Washington DC, and our 11th grade college tours have all been great experiences. I am looking forward to our mission trip to Costa Rica this spring where we will be serving the Lord by ministering to the people there.

But most importantly, I am forever thankful for the Christian example that is shown to us by the teachers and administration. Mr. Hardee (Head of School) demonstrates to all of the students how to let the Lord lead you in your decisions. I have gotten to know him through the student ambassador and student council programs and have been able to observe how he leads the teachers and students by a Godly example. My teachers have also consistently shown me how to put God first in all that I do and how to interact with people and challenges in a way that glorifies the Lord. One of the biggest lessons I have learned during my time at CDS is that no matter how difficult situations may seem, I will be better for it in the end when I have the Lord with me and I give it to Him. As I prepare to enter college this fall, I will remember this lesson and the Godly examples that have impacted my life, preparing me to be successful.
Scott Tolentino, Upper School Science Teacher
Calvary Day School has been an integral part of my family over the past 13 years. Having three children and being an upper school science teacher, it is safe to say that I have invested in the school. But more importantly, the school has invested in me and my family. As a staff member, I know that the teachers and administration have a desire to invest in each life we are blessed to have come through our school. We pray for our students and want to see them succeed. We find what it takes to reach them and that is how we interact with them. As a parent, there have been many occasions that teachers have spent time outside of normal school hours to invest in my child’s development and partner with my wife and I to help them grow into the well-rounded young people that they are now. Another aspect of Calvary that had been a blessing is the “family” atmosphere between the administration, staff, and families of Calvary Day School and Calvary Church. Family is important to me and I feel as if we are a part a family here at Calvary.

Lastly, I love how the school challenges my children academically and with the extra-curricular activities offered in the form of athletics, clubs, and arts. The classes are challenging, but with caring teachers, they have every opportunity to live up to their potential. I love Calvary Day school and love the way they love my family.
Molly-Catherine Goodson, M.A., J.D. - CDS Class of 2007
When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He replied: Love God. Love people (Matthew 22:37-39). Colossians 3:17 says, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. . .”
Calvary Day School was my “second home” from the ages of ten to eighteen. Within the walls of Calvary I learned what it meant to love God above all else, to love people, and to do everything for God’s glory.
Academically, Calvary challenged me and pushed me to be the best student that I could be. Teachers not only taught me, but also came alongside me and helped me understand the concepts that I was struggling with so that I could be successful in school and in life. I was taught to think critically and in a way that would glorify God.
Spiritually, Calvary provided me with an environment of people who above all else loved God and loved people. Having the opportunities to pray in school, open God’s Word, and worship together in chapel, taught me what it meant to have God as the foundation of my life. The understanding that God is in all things – in the classroom, in life outside of the classroom, and on the athletic fields allowed me to see how God is woven into our daily lives and should be the center focus in all we do.
Most importantly, Calvary taught me to love people by teaching me what it looks like to serve in the community and helped prepare my heart for the future God has planned for me. My senior year I had the privilege to organize a “Blue Ribbons for Kids” campaign in honor of Child Abuse Awareness month. During this campaign, the high school clubs joined together to raise money and supplies for the local Domestic Violence Shelter. This was the first of many blue ribbon campaigns I have now organized and participated in. During the spring of 2014, I founded the first annual Child Abuse Awareness Week at Liberty University School of Law.
Today, by God’s grace and loving kindness, I have the opportunity to work in Winston-Salem as an advocate for victims of child abuse and domestic violence. Through my work, I have the opportunity to walk alongside people in some of their most difficult days. I am reminded daily of the three lessons I have been continually learning . . . Love God. Love people. Do everything for His glory.
jason adouli
Jason Adouli, MBA, CDS Class of 2007
I attended Calvary for high school from '03-'07. I came from a similar small private school structure so the coolest thing for me was that Calvary felt like a tight knit family from the very beginning. It was neat that the culture was so inviting. It made the jump from middle school to high school and to a new school relatively seamless for me.

My senior year, I took Marsha Scott’s Senior Bible class. In this class she challenged us to think critically about our faith and what it really means to have a relationship with Jesus. We also dove deep into the foundation of other world views so that we are able to better use our personal faith to impact the world. The biggest takeaway for me, which is so important in today’s climate, was for me to be quick to listen and understand others who may not share my worldview before I react. Funny how the things you learn still stick with you years later. I still think about that class and the impact it made on me to this day.

After high school, I attended NC State for undergrad where I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Right after college, I got a job in Winston-Salem working for HanesBrands. I recently graduated from the Evening MBA program at Wake Forest, and currently manage part of the Walmart business at Hanes. Calvary taught me how to prioritize all the competing tasks in life. Education is so important, but at Calvary it’s about more than just graduating. I learned the importance of strong relationships and prioritizing them among our hectic daily schedules. This is a skill that is very beneficial in my line of work, and I credit Calvary for helping me develop this skill.

I always joke with people that the Calvary community might be small compared to other schools, but you can’t escape it! I graduated with 39 students and a few lived on my hall freshman year at NC State. While I attended Wake Forest for business school, there were Calvary students there also! We joke about always running into fellow alum, but it’s encouraging to know wherever you go after your time at Calvary there’s a fellow student not far behind (or right next to you)!
catherine stancil
Catherine Stancil, Latin Teacher
I entered Calvary as a first grader. When I came, second grade was the oldest class. Each year as the class ahead of me advanced, a grade was added until they reached sixth grade. I graduated from sixth grade (the highest grade offered) with Phyllis Mills as my teacher. That was Mrs. Mills’ first year at Calvary. I never fully appreciated what those six years at Calvary had done for me until I became a parent. I realized then that Calvary had taught me to view the world like God does. I will never forget my favorite teacher, Mrs. Penny Alexander, carving a pumpkin and telling us only God had seen the inside of that pumpkin before us.

The morning that my oldest son turned two years old I went to the school office to turn in his application for the three year old class because at that time the application could not be turned in before a child's second birthday. We knew without a doubt that we wanted a Christian education for our son. That son has now graduated from Calvary and his younger brother is in high school at Calvary.

When I graduated from Calvary, I went on to public schools in Forsyth County and then went to Wake Forest and earned a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Latin. I inquired about teaching at Calvary when I graduated, but there was nothing available. Finally in 2010, in God's perfect timing, I was called to teach Latin at my alma mater. I am thankful for the opportunity to freely share God's view of the world with my students while fulfilling a dream of teaching Latin to elementary students at the same time.

Of all the schools that I have attended, Calvary is the one I attended the longest and the one that I love the most.