Guidance & College Counseling

Guidance Counseling

The Guidance Department at Calvary Day School seeks to facilitate the academic progress, personal and social development of all students, serving as an advocate for students and a resource to parents and faculty.

Services available to the CDS community include:

  1. Classroom guidance
  2. Individual and small group guidance
  3. Academic guidance
  4. Developmental screening
  5. Consultation with parents and teachers
  6. Referrals to outside professionals with expertise in various aspects of learning or in cognitive/behavioral/spiritual counseling
  7. College Advising in Upper School

The Guidance Department considers it a privilege to work with parents, staff, and students to help them discover God’s purposes in their lives as He reveals their unique, individual destinies. Please call the school counselors if you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment.

College Counseling

We are here to help students and their families navigate the complex process of college selection and admission.  As a college preparatory school, Calvary provides an atmosphere where students begin building their profile for college admission as soon as they enter high school and discover their passions as they look to move on to life after Calvary Day School.  The College Counseling staff spends a great deal of time talking with admissions officers, visiting colleges, attending professional conferences and thinking through the complex issues that comprise the college search process.

It is our privilege to assist you in the college admissions process. We strive to help each student discover their God-given potential, interests, and talents.  We host a variety of college workshops throughout the year for students and parents that are designed to help both the college search and application process go smoothly.

Much like every student is unique, colleges, too, have their own unique characteristics.  With a 100% graduation rate at CDS, there is a college for every student! Be sure to review our High School Profile!