Upper School

Upper School – 7th-12th grades

Once our students reach Upper School, they really begin to soar as independent thinkers. They are taught to think critically and make God centered conclusions based on the academic knowledge they have gained. Our students are focused on learning, integrating, and communicating truth as they are given the opportunity to master a difficult but rewarding college preparatory curriculum. Every student in the high school uses their Google Chromebook to integrate technology into their daily learning and has access to state of the art labs. With 100% graduation rate and over $7.9 million in scholarships awarded to last year’s graduates alone, our students leave us prepared and confident to make a difference in colleges across the country.




Our 7th & 8th grade curriculum is designed to prepare CDS students to qualify for Advanced Placement courses during their high school years.  Our goal is that students will be able to perform academically at their highest God-given level.  The curriculum places strong emphasis on writing skills and mastery of English grammar and mathematics concepts.  In addition to core subjects, all students participate in exploratory classes. Students have enrichment choices, choosing from drama, fitness, chorus, art, or math tutorial.


Striving to achieve excellence in academics, Calvary Day School offers a college preparatory curriculum through honors and Advanced Placement courses. Students enrolled in honors or Advanced Placement courses have been recommended by their teachers based on grades and standardized test results. CDS has dual enrollment agreements with area colleges and universities. Online courses are also available from the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools Virtual Academy and other accredited programs. Credits are awarded on an annual basis.

The CDS class schedule allows students to take up to seven courses. In addition to core classes, students may select from a variety of enrichment courses to broaden their learning experience through areas such as fine arts, performing arts, seminar-style courses, or courses which provide support to their core curriculum classes.  Students in their senior year are encouraged to participate in the Senior Internship Program where they are able to learn first-hand about careers that interest them.  The goal is to provide real-life work experience as they learn life skills to help them succeed in a future career.



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