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K-12th Grade Teacher Observations


General Information

Thank you for your time and attention as you complete this observation form. Please answer all questions that correspond to your role and interactions with the CDS applicant. Questions: call the CDS Admissions Office at 336-714-5575.
Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Teacher Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Level of instructionrequired

Lower/Elementary School Questions Only

Student reads orally with fluency at grade level
Student spells well in written work
Student has proficient phonics skills
Student writes legibly
Student reads with understanding
Student expresses him/herself well in written work
Student expresses him/herself well orally
Computes well with reasonable speed and accuracy
Understands math concepts

Academic Mathematic Questions

Knows basic number facts
Computes with accuracy
Math facts/computation
Math concept development
Problem solving skills

Academic Language Arts Questions

Oral language skills
Reading comprehension

Student Study Habits and Participation in Class

Academic achievementrequired
Motivation and effortrequired
Listens attentivelyrequired
Practices self controlrequired
Completes work on timerequired
Attention spanrequired
Organizational skillsrequired
Has positive attendance record in classrequired
Participates in classroom discussionrequired
Asks pertinent questionsrequired
Is attentive when others speakrequired
Works at level consistent with abilityrequired

Student Personal Characteristics

Peer relationshipsrequired
Accepts responsibilityrequired
Respects authorityrequired
Personal integrityrequired
Leadership abilityrequired
Concern for othersrequired
Overall attendancerequired
Demonstrates positive spirit towards classroom activitiesrequired
Gets along well with peersrequired
Responds favorably to peersrequired
Expresses disappointment appropriatelyrequired

Parent Information

Overall parental support and involvementrequired
Cooperation with facultyrequired
Expectations for studentrequired
Participation in student's educationrequired
Please select all words that best describe the studentrequired
Have there been any circumstances (e.g. extended illness, separation, divorce, death in the immediate family) that have interfered with the student's academic performance?required
Is this student served by an IEP, 504 plan, or have need of academic accommodations?required
Do you recommend this applicant for admission to Calvary Day School?required

Teacher Information

Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format