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CDS wins top honors at YAG Conference 2018!

Youth and Government (YAG) is an annual conference held in Raleigh, NC each year with the goal of exposing public and private high school students to politics and lawmaking process to encourage informed futures for the students.   YAG is sponsored by the YMCA and has been in NC for 27 years and features over 1,100 students from the state.  Calvary has been an active participant in YAG for that past 6 years and has grown to 50 students!   We have been honored to have won awards at every YAG conference we have attended and this year was no different.  See below for the list of awards won by our CDS students in 2018 alone!

  • 2018 Model Delegation (Top Honor)
  • Model Legislator
  • Model Debater
  • Mock Trial Model Attorney
  • Model Media Member
  • Best Bill Presentation
  • Conference Chaplain
  • All 9 bills presented were passed by either the House or Senate 
  • 3 bills were signed into YAG law
  • Elected Lieutenant Governor for next year’s conference

Proud of our Cougars!  Watch the brief slideshow below to see our students in action!

YAG video